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1.Portuguese Tile I - Painting on Raw Glaze
2.Portuguese Tile II - Stencil Painting
3.Portuguese Tile III - Dry Rope Painting
4.Crafts in the Sharp Edge Technique
5. Glazing and Glazing Techniques
6. Modeling and Manufacture of Handmade Tiles
7.How to set up your ceramic workshop
8. Ceramic Jewelry
9. Tile panels
10. Ceramic Mosaic - free yourself from using the oven
11. Artistic pieces in Ceramics I, II and III

Course - 3 painting techniques Traditional Portuguese Tile - 6H / class
Course - Ceramic Mosaic - 2H per week - continuous
Course - Dry Rope Technique - 6H / class
1. Painting on Glaze - Portuguese Tile

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